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I offer both online and in-person coaching. My coaching is geared towards those who are interested in learning about reward based training (R+). I am careful to follow and teach the principles of LIMA, The Humane Hierarchy, Learning Theory, and equine body language. This helps to ensure that both my students and their horses find the lessons engaging and build a solid foundation based in R+. For examples of my work, and short educational clips please visit my instagram here.

I place a large emphasis on teaching the mechanical basics for the trainer, and on the foundation behaviours for the horse. This helps my student avoid many of the common R+ pitfalls. Once the basics are mastered the sky is the limit for the horse human partnership. When the foundations are solidly in place we can branch into R+ Handling, Cooperative Care, R+ Liberty, R+ Riding, and my absolute favourite R+ Classical Dressage… Training R+ behaviours is a lot of fun, I really enjoy seeing the relationship between my students and their horses grow through their R+ journey!

Also note if you have run into one of the pitfalls of R+, or are working through a difficult behaviour and need help sorting it out I will meet you where you are at! I ran into many road blocks along the way myself and found solutions. I love helping my students work with all kinds of equine behaviour.

Lesson Types, and Rates:

$40.00 CAD – 30 minutes/in person

$40.00 CAD – 30 minutes/Over Zoom (The camera will need to be set up where I can watch you and your horse work, you will need to wear headphones so that we can communicate during the lesson.)

$40.00 CAD – Voice Over Feedback On A 15 Minute Pre-Recorded Video

How Each Lesson Works:

To set up a lesson, contact me here, or send me a message on instagram here. Let me know that you are interested in a lesson. We will discuss your goals, and what you are currently working on. The first lesson will be an evaluation where we work out where you and your horse are at, and what we can work on together. From here I will give you a training plan/homework, the next lesson will be a review of the homework, followed by a new training plan, and so on. I look forward to working with you!

My Education, Qualifications, And Training History

I will update this section often as I am constantly learning. I work hard to stay up to date, and grow my skills as a trainer and instructor! I have been teaching riders and training horses since 2004!

Academic Art Of Riding: Mentored By Bettina Biolik. Bettina has been very open towards me applying my R+ training and cues. She is a wonderful wealth of knowledge with a brilliant eye for movement. She has made the process of defining the behaviours and cues needed to produce R+ classical dressage that much easier!

The Willing Equine Academy: (R+ training group) Adele Shaw (CHBC)

Academic Art Of Riding: (Classical Dressage) Audited multiple online clinics taught by Bent Branderup

PSYC 365: Behaviour Modification Principles (A+): From Athabasca University 2023. Applied Behaviour Analysis. This course learning was wonderful for developing in-depth equine training plans, and monitoring behavioural progress.

Cooperative Care Conference: hosted by Peter Giljam
Attended 2022

The World Bitless Horse Day 2022 Happy Horse Competition: (With Fox)
First Place, 2022

The Willing Equine R+ Virtual Show: (With Fox)

  • 2021, Third Level Pattern A First Place
  • 2022, Third Level Pattern A First Place, Pattern C First Place, and Obstacle First Place.
  • 2023, Third Level Pattern A First Place

Reward Based Art Of Riding: Extended Foundation course, Angelica Hesselius
Completed 2022

Cooperative Care Conference: hosted by Peter Giljam
Attended 2021

Reward Based Art Of Riding: Exploring Rewards course, Angelica Hesselius, Eva Bertilsson

(Attended as Auditor) 2021

Reward Based Art Of Riding: R+ Dressage Building Blocks course, Angelica Hesselius
Completed 2021

The Willing Equine: (R+ Foundation Course) Adele Shaw (CHBC)
Completed 2021

Classical Dressage: Coached by Heather Nelson
Summer 2020

How to Recognize the 24 Behaviors indicating Pain in the Ridden Horse: – Dr Sue Dyson
Completed 2019

Human & Horse Academy: (Classical Dressage Theory) Greetje Hakvoort

Straightness Training Mastery Course: (Classical Dressage Theory) Marijke De Jong

NCCP Equestrian Theory Course: From the Alberta Equestrian Federation Completed 2012

Equine Assisted Learning Certification: From Cartier Farms Completed 2011

Equine Technician Green Certificate: from the Government of Alberta

PSYC 387 Learning (A): From Athabasca University 2010. This course covered Operant and Classical conditioning, and was hugely beneficial for me as a teacher training horses and people.

Foothills Therapeutic Riding Association: Volunteered 2010-2012

Studied Traditional Horse Training For Competitive Dressage:
Mainly coached by Marita Hoppe

Canadian Pony Club: (DeWinton Branch)

(Traditional Training in Stable Management, Dressage, Show Jumping, and Cross Country)

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